Thursday, December 17, 2009

Some portraits

I was just playing with my new Sakura brush pen. SOOO fun to use! As much as I love digital art, the feel of a really great brush pen is impossible to replicate. It forces your hand to be really precise, or the line weight will waver like crazy! Not that that's necessarily a bad thing. It makes for a very natural and unique look.

More fun with the brush pen! I drew this one in a Moleskine. How sophisticated of me! It's a good sketchbook -- portable, durable, round corners, creamy yellow paper -- but I've barely drawn in it after having it for almost 6 months. That's the problem I always have with "nice" sketchbooks: I'm afraid to soil them. I draw much more readily in crappy spiral-bounds, or in my school notebooks.

This one's about a semester old... I drew it shortly after discovering Portrait Adoption. The concept is that artists can submit character portraits, and then artistically-challenged people who desire pictures of their original characters -- for roleplaying or noveling or whatever -- can purchase them, and even have them customized for a little extra. I was giddy with daydreams of wealth. Imagine drawing generic fantasy babes and getting paid for them! I can do that in my sleep! But, even though I've registered as an artist at the site, I have yet to submit anything. Anyway, this portrait was going to be some kind of shaman... person. You can tell she's a shaman because she has mysterious tribal tattoos.

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