Monday, December 14, 2009

Time Warp

Let's start at the very beginning (the very best place to start). Here are some older sketches that I salvaged. They are arranged roughly chronologically, dating from two years ago to one year ago.

This is an arrogant young lady of the Victorian era. I seem to have a soft spot for those. She's thinking about her butler, who is naturally quite a hunk.

Speaking of hunks, here is a particularly hunksome one, partially inked.

This doodle was inspired by the fabulous 20's costumes bedecking the charming cats at Lackadaisy. It's nowhere near as cute, though, and there is something very wrong with her face...

This guy is named Oscar, and he is a professor of economics. There on the chalkboard you can see my muddled impression of what Economics must look like.

Here is a partially-transparent person! Other than that, I have no idea what's going on here.

This was my first-ever sketch of Oswald McSwidgen, my octopus detective character! Well, originally he wasn't a detective. I just wanted to draw a dapper octopus gentleman, because it seemed perfectly natural somehow. Then, later on, I was struck with a thunderbolt of brilliance and realized that he was a deep-sea Sherlock. You can see my excited annotation scribbled above his name.

Here's picture of a character named Roza, doodled on the back of my Importance of Being Earnest script. The last page, in fact. You can see the title track if you look closely! (Or, er, what would be analogous to a title track in a script.)

And last but not least, the cast of the Crystal Chandelle - a radio play written and directed by my friend Matt, and which I had the fun of voice-acting in. I've been meaning to do a nice finished lineup of these people.

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