Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I actually have something to post! (MAY OR MAY NOT BE AN EXCUSE TO SHOW OFF MY PURPLE NAILS) I've been doodling very little -- it seems like all my drawing this semester is purposeful and industrious. Keeping my ambitious graphic novel project afloat, doing humongous projects for figure drawing class... I can't even doodle during art history, which demands all my note-taking faculties! I know -- actually having to take notes during a class? Outrageous.

However, today during work I jotted (jote?) a note to myself on my hand -- and was seized by a desire to keep going. I used to draw on myself all the time in junior high. What a daring nonconformist I was.

It looked cooler before I drew all those little dots, but whatever. Henna-esque, don't you think? I would have done more, but then I had to do work... Work at work, notes during class -- what is this world coming to? I just want to play all day.

Now, off to renew those library books.

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