Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wolves and Oncewolves

Look, I haven't forgotten about this blog! (I hope I'm not the only one...)

After the madness that was Emmeline Vanderhorn and her Airborne Adventures, I needed to take a serious break from all things artsy, but now I'm finally feeling the itch again. To motivate myself further, I went to the library yesterday and checked out a ludricously heavy stack of art books, ranging from Edwardian fashion plates to fantasy cityscapes to wildlife drawing. I feel like my tank is full of gas!

Because of my computer situation this summer, I won't be able to do any digital art, but I'm trying to view this as a healthy challenge rather than a restriction. I don't do art by hand often enough... Oh sure, plenty of doodles, but very few "complete" works of art. It will be good for me to get back in touch with that side of things. You know, actual art supplies... paper... erasers. Gracious!

One thing I've been wanting to draw more often is animals, specifially wolves. When I was littler, I was really really obsessed with wolves, but I haven't drawn them, or even really thought about them, for a long time. I miss them! So here are some (heavily referenced) sketches I did to get reacquainted:

I also wanted to revisit an old character of mine, Reidun. In her original incarnation, she was actually an anthropomorphic wolf... Erm, a "furry" in other words. I wrote a huge, epic fantasy story about her and a fox character created by my friend Lilly... I never actually drew Reidun very often! Mostly I wrote about her, and Lilly would do the drawing. But anyway, I just felt the urge to try drawing her again, and redesign her a little bit in the process. She was sort of a mystical ice princess originally, prone to staring off into the middle distance and crying a few sparkling tears about some unknowable suffering she had silently endured-- blech! --and I would like to make her tougher and grittier this time around, less romantic. Capable of harpooning a seal and eating the fresh steaming blubber right there on the spot. But still pretty. :3

I still want to work on this more. This is not her final redesgin, by any means! Just a jumping-off point...