Thursday, July 8, 2010


I've got a load of pictures to post! My artistic ability/inspiration comes in fits and starts. It has always been this way, so I've learned to take advantage of my muse whenever it deigns to stop by. It is currently In Residence, so the past week has been a flurry of nonstop, nearly effortless, and enjoyable drawing. Most of it has centered around a little project Ben and I have been concocting just for fun. He's been making lovely architectural drawings, and I've been doing character designs.

Here's a major character. She goes by a lot of names, some of which I scribbled down, but her "real" name is Breckendy. She has drow coloring (black skin, white hair), but she is NOT a drow and has absolutely zero connection to D&D. I've never even played. I've just always thought the drow color scheme was neat. X3 She also has white freckles (!) which I couldn't really show in the sketch.

Doodles of her typical outfit...

Did I mention she is a total parkour MASTER? Well she is. She's well suited to it, being barely over five feet tall and super athletic. Imagine a tiny Japanese gymnast or something. That's her general body type.

Now she's all gussied up! (Doesn't happen often.) I think she's probably too elongated here... I'm not used to drawing short people. ;-;

Her occupation is not a respectable one. She is Blackbird, a thief/spy/all-purpose-sneaky-person of ever-increasing notoriety. To protect her identity while on the job or doing in-person business meetings, she wears this totally awesome mask:

Now onto the menfolk! Drawing male characters has always been relatively difficult for me, for some reason. I do best when I have a model. For these next three characters, I relied heavily on reference photos, the links to which I shall provide out of guilt-ridden obligation.

This guy is Blackbird's agent, among other things. He's the same species/race/whatever as she is. He's a strange guy - twitchy, drug-addled and bristling with nervous tics - but he's deceptively sharp for all his eccentricity. His right eyelid droops from being punched in the face one too many times.

[Dom Howard of Muse fame was my reference.]

This next man is a murderer, released from prison early for good behavior. He's a polite, charming, and well-read older man who claims to have committed the murder for honorable reasons. He's also a really talented liar, though.

[Reference used was this photo of Gary Oldman.]

Annnnnd finally the beefcake that I promised! Sorry, twitterers, I probably made it sound like there was a lot more, but it's just this one picture. And you can't even see the entire six-pack! What a rip-off. A ripped rip-off. Ha, ha. Well, anyway, this impressive (and squeaky clean) fellow is basically Breckendy's go-to gear man. Weapons, lockpicks, any technology of questionable legality - he can hook you up. He has zero sense of humor, but he's not cruel. He's actually very straightforward. He has approximately one facial expression (shown below). He also takes frequent baths.

[The reference for the face was... er... a picture of Mario. But a really AMAZING picture of Mario! You must check it out. I didn't hijack it too heavily. Mostly I wanted reference for the mustache and those great craggy eyebrow muscles... whatever you call them. As far as the rest of the body, well, I found an extremely helpful tutorial by an artist who really knows what she's talking about. I must draw more burly men! It's more fun than I ever expected.)

Okay, that's all! There should be more forthcoming, as long as my muse doesn't get the wandering bug anytime soon...

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  1. Mmmm, beefcake! Delicious! I might have to write you a steampunk strongman to take advantage of this new passion ;)