Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blackbird Height Chart

A little height chart featuring some of the characters from the Blackbird-storyverse. A pleasing variety of sizes, no? All the heights are accurate, except for that of Mr. Strunz -- he should actually be 1 or 1.5 feet tall. But then he would have been too small for me to even draw the buttons on his coat. And you know why? Because my very finest fineliner is dead. It still grieves me to speak of it. I recently used it to draw on top of some colored pencils -- thick, waxy, Prismas -- and I guess the tiny little nib got irreparably clogged. I soaked it in hot water and coaxed it, but it cannot be revived. Luckily, they're cheap... but I don't have a replacement right now. :(

Speaking of wee Mr. Strunz, there will be a batch of pictures of him coming up in the near future. They're already drawn; I just need to scan them. He is so fun to draw, omigosh. He's so weird lookin'. You'll see.

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