Monday, February 28, 2011

Doodle roundup & SEA summary

I had a truly awesome time at SEA. It was a very inspiring and positive experience, and made me feel like maybe "artist" and "starving" don't always have to go together. Also, I won a Juror's Award in the art show! And I had a great conversation with the talented illustrator Micah Farritor, who was very encouraging.

All my doodles lately have been Blackbird-related, it seems... which isn't great news, since I really should be devoting every art hour to my senior show. Hmmm....

Zer Ghou brooding over glass.

Kicking and jumping.

Drunkenly staggering home... Also, Oswald is there for some reason. He's probably killing time until I update his comic again...

Ceazaght sketches, and evidence that I need to look up ref photos of snarling wolves.

Breckendy and Ball, drunken awkwardness.

Trying to figure out how Breckendy's mask looks from different angles. The answer in some cases is: silly.

She's tryin' to look all cool.

Random profile!

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  1. Doodles! <3 I like Zer Ghou. He looks like he's staring into my soul and has found something...