Thursday, March 3, 2011


Okay, I have a load of drawings here. This is stuff from class notebooks, sketchbooks, handouts... just stuff I haven't gotten around to scanning until today. Again, lots of Blackbird-storyverse stuff that won't mean very much to most people, but plenty of other doodles, too. 
Peruse at will!

Mr. Strunz knows she's been up to no good.

He is grumpy.


Wee Breckendy.

A serious fellow.

Expression practice.

Running around.

Somebody in class said the phrase "extended lulls during conversation," and I heard it a different way.

Ball and Breckendy conducting shady business over [equally shady] lunch.

Just wanted to draw some legs... at the expense of making B way too tall.

She looks suspicious.

Kissing practice. It's so hard to draw faces all mashed up together.

Applied kissing practice! Well, not exactly kissing. Not canon, either. Just for fun. :3

A 40's private-eye guy.

Lady with horns... another lady with extra arms?

Designs for blind cave-dwelling people with whiskers or moth antennae or something... and four hands!

With four hands, one can gesture very elaborately.

Fantasy babe time! Exhibiting the latest in lightweight armor.

Look, kid. I know you have it.

Early idea for my senior show, which I abandoned. Edward Gorey aesthetic.

Redesign sketches for my old character Reidun!


Half-inked canine people! I really love the crotchety guy... I want to draw more of him.

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  1. Aww, I love seeing your sketches.
    I love the 40's PI the best! :D He's got so much character... <3