Monday, June 27, 2011


Caved in and got a few Copic markers, the most overpriced and desirable art markers I know of. At nearly $5 each, they encourage budget-bound artists to select their colors with great deliberation. I decided to get a pack of flesh tones, a couple of yellowy colors, and a colorless blender. I printed out my lineart from the last post so I could practice coloring without the icy, heart-clutching terror of coloring directly on an original piece.

Ooh, those Copics handle like a dream. They blend almost like watercolors! And the brush tip on the Copic Sketch markers (which is what I got) is delightfully flexible and precise. I hate to admit it, but they're worth the money. Mostly. Almost. One amazing thing about them is that the nibs never get contaminated with other colors. You can blend a light color on top of a dark one (still wet!) without any damage. And the edges just vanish into soft nothingness, so you don't get that annoying striping where layers overlap. I had to use some old Prismacolors to fill in the fellow's red shirt, and the difference in smoothness was astounding. You can see the blotchiness even in the photo.

I'm still in the process of coloring these two characters digitally.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Characters & New Blog

Did some fun new character designs yesterday! Here are the original sketches and the digitally inked versions. Fancy colored versions will go on DA once I decide how I want to color them.

I ended up liking how she looked flipped. She doesn't have a name yet, but her character and appearance is a hearty blend of many different influences... Éowyn, Delilah Dirk, Aveline, and my old character Reidun. Combine, blend until smooth, and you get something new.

This one's Ben's character. He doesn't mean to frown, he just has really bad eyesight! His appearance was based off the model Ned Shatzer, but to me he also looks a little like canon male Hawke from DA2... I guess all the Dragon Age I played recently is still influencing my drawing, consciously or otherwise.

Also, an announcement! I've done what I threatened a while ago, and started a new blog for comic reviews. Do check it out if you're interested in that sort of thing.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Works in Progress

Tomorrow (actually, today) is my first day On The Job-- I got a part-time job at the college bookstore, which is a small Barnes & Noble.

I'm working on a few art projects for fun-- Blackbird-themed, of course. I'm trying to learn (read: cannibalize and assimilate) a bunch of different painting and coloring styles, so my goal is to do something dramatically different with every piece.

Here's a portrait of Breckendy. I'm trying a technique where you paint the whole thing in grayscale first, and then drop color in on a separate layer. That way, you can jump right into the composition without worrying about your color palette at first. Eesh, painting is hard. I'm such a line person.

She's laughing at you.

Detail shot! She has white freckles.

And here's Ball hard at work collecting gossip. I spent a lot of time looking at Norman Rockwell's "The Gossips" for inspiration... not that it shows, really. What a phenomenal artist. I could happily look at his stuff for hours. My eventual plan with this is to do very precise, detailed lines and then color them. Haven't experimented much with coloring outlines.

A Talk-Betwixt at work.

"It was really quite large."
He betrays no judgement. Busy scribbling an indecipherable shorthand.

Finished pieces will go on my DA gallery if I deem them good enough. Otherwise, they'll go here.