Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vacation Doodles

Spent the last week in Independence with my family! It was wonderful to see everyone, even though I ended up contracting a wretched disease from my little brothers. It seems like I always get sick when I go back there! Oh, well. Plenty of rest and a hearty batch of veggie soup seems to have cured me.

Did a bit of sketching while relaxing at the homestead:

A studly specimen.

Breckendy, even shorter and more distrustful than usual.

Tending to a sick friend. But not all apples are good for you...

Vocab word of the day: digitigrade!

A picture I'm working on for my (big) little brother.  It was the only way I could bribe him into letting me trim his shaggy teen hair. =P A character from one of his numerous stories, a trickster god/demon who assumes the form of a six-tailed white fox, and is generally a dangerous fellow to be around, from what I understand.

After watching Tangled (for the second time),  was overcome with the need to draw some long locks.

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