Friday, November 18, 2011


A recent sudden interest in 3D modeling has prompted me to research a bunch of programs like Poser, DAZ Studio, Maya, and ZBrush. I don't have a good head for math and geometry, so I was looking for a program that was extremely intuitive and didn't require too much learning about things like vertices, splines, polygons, transparency maps, turbo encabulators, and other incomprehensible things. All I want to do is realize my characters three-dimensionally, not animate them or do anything fancy like that (yet)!

ZBrush seemed to fit the bill pretty well. You start with a ball of virtual clay, and gradually sculpt it by shoving it around with your mouse or tablet. The full program is insanely expensive, but there is a trial version available. Before I got as far as downloading that, though, I noticed that the developers of ZBrush also offer another program called Sculptris, which is targeted at beginners. AND IT IS TOTALLY FREE.

It's insane. Everyone should download this program. It is SUCH a fun toy, and really easy to get the hang of. I think it's easier than drawing in some ways, because all the tricky shading is automatically done for me. Yay! I cranked out these two heads in one evening. They're still pretty rough, but I'm very pleased with how they're developing.

A raisiny old man!

Breckendy, sans hair.

It's an exciting adventure into the 3rd dimension. I'm eager to explore further...

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