Monday, February 20, 2012


Slapped this together yesterday. Feels kind of stuck at this stage, but not like it's finished. Just stuck! Still, I quite like how their faces turned out.

Are they brothers? No one knows. They change their story every time they're asked.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Moleskine Initiation

Moleskines, huh? Expensive, elitist, beautiful. I've had one for over year and can barely bring myself to make a mark in it. If a sketchbook is too pretty, I always feel uncomfortable scribbling in it... but, that's a silly way to feel and I'm trying to get over it. So I've started drawing in my Moleskine finally. Here are a few doodles from it.

I've noticed a convention of minimal cropping among artists' Moleskine scans. Most people leave the rounded corners of the book visible, if not the entire scanner lid. It's like you're supposed to exhibit the sketchbook itself as well as whatever you've drawn in it. Look, I use a Moleskine. Observe its trademark rounded corners. This is not just any drawing, this is a drawing in a Moleskine.

And now, after that slightly derisive rant, I'm going to proceed to do sort of the same thing. >_>

Pointy dainty fairy face.

Mr. Strunz looking particularly like a super-villian.

Fun with hair.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Saturday Morning Trois

Some of you may know that my friends and I improv ridiculous action movies sometimes for fun. (If you read this blog, chances are good that you are one of those friends.) Then, Ben painstakingly edits them for weeks and they become kind of legitimately awesome (to us, anyway).

Here is the main trio + sidekick/fanatic from Trois, many years before the events of Trois: The Final Hour, rendered Saturday-morning cartoon style. I'm seriously considering doing some comics of Trois' early days. At the very least, I will complete this little collection of portraits with Throttlebark and the Receptionist sometime soon.

Sorry; I know all that only made sense to about 6 people.

Translation: here are some silly cartoons! I might draw more silly cartoons.